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The Importance of Nursecall Systems

The safety of residents of a care home should be of paramount importance to all staff. Care homes implement a number of measures to ensure residents remain safe & secure at all times, these can range from surveillance systems to nurse call systems.

Nurse call systems are not a legal requirement but can be found in many homes & hospitals & are the most common choice for ensuring residents nursing needs are monitored. Some systems are wired & some are modern wireless models, but all act as a lifeline to residents.

Nurse call systems can provide residents with assistance in a moments notice Aid Call systems can provide paging, staff attack alerts, telecare support, security monitoring. This is in order to accommodate the varying needs of residents in modern care establishments, to reduce response times to emergency calls & to provide more information to staff so those calls are dealt with more efficiently.

Residents in care homes & patients in hospitals can require assistance at a moment’s notice, when there is not always a staff member around, resulting in them requiring a nurse call system that is reliable & efficient. Wireless radio nurse call systems can help accommodate changing furniture positions & requirements within the home & although units run on batteries, the displays give a low battery warning in plenty of time so they can be changed.