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Personal Storage and Electronic Key Safes

Intelligent asset management systems

Deister’s smart electronic locker systems allow you to securely manage, monitor and audit the use of your shared portable equipment.

It‘s often all too easy to lose track of who has what item, when it was last used and especially the condition that it was returned in. Our intelligent electronic locker systems protect your essential assets by allowing you to control individual access rights whilst creating a fully auditable record of the electronic lockers usage.

Users identify themselves at the electronic locker using a card, PIN or biometrics which will only allow them to only open compartments with items that they have been authorised to use. This helps protect your company’s shared portable equipment by creating accountability. With our asset management lockers, you could improve your assets availability and life-span by creating a reservation system, releasing equipment based on longest charged or incorporating fault logging. With customisable reports and alerts, your radios, test equipment, tools, laptops and so much more can be easily managed from any location using our web-based software.

Take control of your keys

A range of intelligent key cabinets for managing access to your critical keys and assets

Manage when and who has access to your keys

Deister’s electronic key management systems provide you with the power to manage, restrict and monitor the access and use of your keys and assets simply and securely.

Knowing who has what keys when and where means you are always in control and the users feel more accountable meaning less lost keys. Our secure key management solutions automate the issuing and returning of keys, helping reduce your operational costs and resources.

Our modular and scalable key management systems offer intelligent control, administration, and documentation of your keys that you can manage from anywhere; creating the highest degree of efficiency and comfort in your everyday operations. With our range of key cabinets, you can store anywhere from 8 to 1000’s of keys, as well as manage other assets and equipment, either as a standalone system or part of a global corporate solution.

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